tara asked in Yahoo ProductsYahoo Music · 2 months ago

how do i get dylan minnette to notice/ message me?

I’m a huge fan of his and i’ve tried getting him to notice me but nothing is working:( i’ve left comments on his insta and it didn’t work. an account called privatedylanminnette2020 dmed me and said they were dylan minnette and said they saw my comments (idk how they saw them on his posts cuz they don’t even follow me if that makes sense and ppl thta don’t follow me cant see my comments on his posts) but then he snapped me and it was a picture using the green screen lense and he said he didn’t have a dog but he called me and said nothing and didn’t show his face and i heard a dog barking. they sent a snap pic of them having an android too and they asked me to donate to a charity so i don’t think it was dylan there was so many red flags. how do i get the real dylan to notice me:( 

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