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Did the Globalists and The Great Reset just get pummeled by Brexit?

Brexit deal goes into force on New Year's Day | DW News


I hope the devil isn't in the details, but just for now . . . YAY! Britain! You flummoxed the criminals in the EU! 


2 Answers

  • Sandy
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    4 months ago

    the Brits should be proud of themselves. the city folks were too lazy to vote and the country folks turned out in force and voted to leave the EU. I'll side with farmers every time. they feed us all. Good for the UK. the EU is evil.

  • 4 months ago

    My main complaint about Brexit was the haphazard way it came about and was being pursued.  I hope Britain finally got all their ducks in a row...what's it been, 4 years?  5?  And most of it wasted.  My fear for the British people is that the UK still isn't all that prepared.  I hope I'm wrong and it all goes smoothly.

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