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Would any of these violate the rules of golf?

Suppose to improve my game, I do the following:

1. I am a novice golfer but I'm quite skilled at billiards. So when my ball is on the green, I lay down on the green and use the shaft of my putter to knock the ball into the hole like a pocket on a pool table.

Technically I still used my putter.

2. If my ball lands behind a tree near the green, I keep an ax in my golf bag for just such an occasion. I chop down the tree, then use a wedge to chip the ball over the stump and onto the green.

Technically, I played the ball from where it landed.

3. On a par 5, I put my ball at the tee, then pull up in the golf cart and stick out my driver, and drive the cart to the edge of the fairway while using my club to take the ball with me.

Then I let the ball roll onto the green.

It might not make a hole in one, but I'll get a lot of double eagles.

And technically, my club face only struck the ball once during the play. 

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  • 1) Rule violation for touching putting surface and likely violation for anchoring putter.

    2) Rule violation for violation of rule 8.1 which prevents you from bending/breaking tree limbs that are in your way.  Trees are not considered temporary objects.

    3) Rule violation for illegal stance.  You cannot make a stroke from a moving object.

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    You haven't cut down many trees, if you think #2 is less demanding than the usual way, regardless of the rules or how the club thinks about you chopping down their trees. Timbersports dudes make using an axe look easy-it isn't. 

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    Do you want to play golf or play billiards or a new sport? 

    Play the game as the way it is supposed to be played......   BTW you cannot change the surrounding where the ball lies.... it is a penalty if you do that....

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    1.  No, that is an illegal strike at the ball.  You must stand using the traditional method.  The croquet style was outlawed lback in 1968 for the same reasons.

    2. You cannot alter the surroundings for better positioning or for a better shot.  Phil got penalized when he teed up a ball, walked 10 feet ahead and brushed down tall grass.

    3.  You must make a swing.  

    These are all ridiculous questions.

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    If you're a novice then nobody would give a sh_t about you doing #1 and #3 but you'd be sued into bankruptcy for chopping down a tree. You might even be charged with criminal vandalism.

    If you ever went pro - which won't happen if this is your plan for improving your game, then:

    #1 would get you kicked out of the professional golfers association for unsportsmanlike behavior unbecoming of a professional,

    #2 wouldn't work because you'd never be allowed to carry an axe onto the course

    #3 wouldn't work because professionals don't use carts in competition. Also dragging the ball along the ground with your club is not "striking" it. You'd be disqualified from the tournament and likely not invited to future tournaments until you issue an apology and promise never to pull that stunt again.

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