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When and where is it best to honeymoon in Florida?

I plan on getting married next December/January and my boyfriend wants to go to Florida, but I'm not sure how the weather would be. I'm from the midwest and know nothing about how that state's weather works in winter. I want to be warm and have a good time on the beach and swim and etc.

Floridians/regular vacationers: What are your thoughts? Should we go at a different time of year? Where would you reccomend?

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    Gulf side and as far south as you wish - Sanibel/Captiva down to Marco Island.  Better yet, Key West.  All depends on your wants and budget

  • drip
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    2 months ago

    You can look up the average temperature and rain in Florida cities for each month online in seconds

    .  Weather in Miami is going to be different from weather in Orlando. 

  • 2 months ago

    I'd say go either from March to May or October to December. The weather's more pleasant then, though October & November are the end of hurricane season. Our winters' usually last from the middle of December to the middle to late January. As to the beaches, there are too many to list.

  • 2 months ago

    Miami is a place to see and be seen between November and May. 

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  • Funnel
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    2 months ago

    Anywhere beachside where you might spot some off shore waterspouts.

  • 2 months ago

    Sanibel Island is a good choice for a honeymoon.

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    The weather in Florida can be hit of miss in December/January.  The ocean waters are certainly cooled off by December/January.  Where I live, Sarasota, the Gulf of Mexico water is in the low 60s right now, but the air temperature is in the upper 70s. It might be slightly warmer in say Miami, Ft. Lauderdale then Sarasota, but not by much.  You can go to the beach and be comfortable wearing a bathing suite, but the water is too cool for my liking.

    In my opinion the best time to come to Florida for a beach vacation is in September/October, the air temperatures are still warm and the water temps will be in the low 80s.  Downside of Sept/Oct is that is also the peak of hurricane season.  The next best time would be April/May.

    If you want to go someplace where the air and water temps will be high I'd suggest Costa Rica (Pacific side) or Cancun or Aruba.  Granted until the virus nonsense is cleared up you may not be able to travel outside the USA.  

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    You can check Florida's general weather and climate statistics on any number of websites. You can check the actual weather for any date from about two years ago up until today, get a ten-day forecast, and keep checking for current weather, on

    Today the whole state is around 70F. In ten days or so, the forecast says the whole state will be around 50F. And that change can happen fast, like overnight or less. Unfortunately, the same is true of the whole south coast of the USA, depending which way the wind blows. If the wind's from the south, it's warm or hot. From the north, it's cold. I've been on the Texas coast in late January, went into a craft fair when it was 70F or so, and came out two hours later to freeze to death in my shorts and tank top because in two hours it went from 70 to 45F.

    By late February, early March things change quite a bit. Gets warmer then.

  • MS
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    2 months ago

    The farther south in FL you go, the warmer it will be.  It's supposed to be 80 degrees in Miami today.  You can usually expect high 70s and low 80s this time of year, again particularly the farther south you go.  There are always exceptions though - we were there in early January one year and it was in the 50s and 60s, but it was a bit of a fluke. Water temps might still be too cool for swimming though.

    I'd consider Miami/Ft Lauderdale, the Florida Keys (there are many great options through the Keys), Anna Maria Island, Marco Island, Sanibel Island, or Siesta Key.

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