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Do I they talk/sing faster in country music now compared to 30 years ago?

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  • donnie
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    3 weeks ago

    Well now that they want rap in country yes

  • 2 months ago

      If they sing or talk faster in Country music now, then it's not by very much. There's only so fast that a person can speak or sing, that just basic principle of speaking and singing, which also applies to professional singers. The upper end average is about one hundred eighty words per minute. The median though is between one hundred twenty, and one hundred sixty works a minute. Only those who are auctioneers can normally exceed that. However even there's a limited duration that they are able to maintain that pace. Of course with recording that can be altered slightly, but in reality it's not practical, when a singer actually has to perform live, if the pace is to fast for the artist to be match, then performing it live becomes unrealistic. A song that most country singers have had and would struggle with, and recorded by Leroy Van Dyke is called "The Auctioneer". Also if a song is to fast, then there can be an issue with confusing a word or two in the song. A fact that happens in songs performed at a normal pace.

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