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Why are Cuban restaurant's pricy ?

Is it because cuban food is a lot more rare to find than Mexican food, so yuppies are willing to pay the price, because they feel like they're having a special treat when they have it? Steak, rice, beans, Cuban coffee, bread, fried bananas with honey 

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    What makes an eatery pricey is how the owners want to present themselves and for the clienteles they are targeting. 

    In my experience, very few expensive restaurants are the result of quality or rarity of the foods they offer. What people are paying for in those places is ambience. 

    If a Cuban restaurant is pricey, it is not because it is Cuban, but because the owner wants to present themselves as a high-end restaurant.

    I see this for many other restaurants. For example, ramen noodle restaurants in the US are ridiculously expensive. Ramen in Asia is the common man's food.  Go to an expensive restaurant anywhere in Asia and you won't find ramen on their menu because it is so common no one goes to those places for ramen.

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    I think it, cause their foods vould be bad and they want introduce thenm like that,I mean they shyly wanna good bye to the customers.Why?What I mean is that whole of the Cubas intend more ever to do pasty foods.That,s why they lay low too.GraduallyThey slid to the doom.

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    2 months ago

    Most Cuban food is 'common folks' food and thus is not pricey. Pricey Cuban food depends on how the restaurant presents itself. 

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  • That’s a hell of a false premise you are starting with. Generally speaking, Cuban restaurants are less expensive places, except for the ones that have more of a middle to fine dining atmosphere. Then prices can definitely go up because you are paying for that.

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    2 months ago

    Yes, obviously limited supply increases demand.   Supply and demand varies by location.

    I haven't found Cuban to be expensive.    We have a great casual Cuban place with multiple locations in Seattle (Paseo) and it's like $11-$12 for an awesome sandwich (or prawns) which is about what a "value meal" costs at McDonald's.

    Yuppies are not a thing anymore.  Perhaps you are referring to hipsters?  

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