How much will a UHaul out of California cost next week?


Are you people so stupid as to not get it?  UHaul has been hiking prices to rent leaving California and reducing prices back because you're doing them a favor, saving them the cost of shipping an empty truck back.

You can play your asinine semantic game but it won't the change reality we all know exists.

Update 2:

You people really, really don't  get it and think you're being're not.

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    2 months ago
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    The general pricing from U-Haul makes it roughly 10 x more expensive to drive a truck out of California then to drive one into the state. So 2K to rent a truck in CA to drive to TX, $200 to rent a truck in TX and drive to CA. Pretty soon they'll be paying you if you're wiling to bring a U-Haul vehicle to the Golden State. 

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    Since costs can change with request, CALL them and inquire. Neighborhood directors may have some adaptability in evaluating.

    Costs additionally differ from the pickup area and what you are renting.You appear to be very thick yourself just as pompous and need fundamental good judgment.

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    2 months ago

    Since prices can change with demand, CALL them and ask.  Local managers may have some flexibility in pricing. 

    Prices also vary from the pickup location and what you are renting.You seem to be quite thick yourself as well as arrogant and lack basic common sense. 

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    You want to get smart, I'll play your game.

    UHaul has a website.  Did you know that?  But in order to answer your question the website needs to provide some information:

    1--where are you going to pick up the rental

    2--where are you going to drop off the rental, and

    3--what dates do you need the rental.

    You must also decide which rental you will be using:


    2--cargo van,

    3--truck--10', 15' 17', 20' or 26' 

    4--cargo trailer--4'x8', 5'x8', 5'x10' or 6'x12'

    5--utility trailer--4'x6', 5'x8' or 6'x12'

    6--utility trailer with ramp--5'x9' or 6'x12'

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    2 months ago

    Poor thing shot itself in the foot. I guess you'll need foot bandages too after you call up effing U-Haul like a big boy.

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    2 months ago

    U-Haul for what? A trailer, a truck, what size trailer/truck, going to where, for how long? Cost from about $100 to about $5,000 would be about as close as I can guess. Why don't you use your little brain and call then and find out the cost? But I think you are just asking simple questions and not looking for any good answers. 

    (OK you didn't need to come back with your comment and act so stupid. In other words how in the world do you think we would have any idea if you can't figure it out?)

  • 2 months ago

    Surely the people best placed to know are UHaul themselves.

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