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Why does baseball have 9 innings?

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    Because four quarters was already taken by football and basketball.

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    Well because of 9 players.  Reason for three outs to end an inning is so a batters can bat at least three times in a game.  

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    Baseball evolved over time, with many changes and improvements as the game progressed from just a game to a professional sport. As athletes grew more-skilled - especially pitchers - runs became harder to score and games were growing longer. In the early days, a game ended with the first team to score 21 'aces' - later 'runs'.  The average game took six innings, though many took only two or three.  But games grew longer as pitching caught up to hitting and darkness came before a result.  One of the leading forces in the governance of the game, and the making of rules, the Knickerbocker Club, eventually decided (by 1856) that nine men per side (it could be as few as seven) and nine innings, was the proper amount for achieving a result in a reasonable amount of time, and before it got dark.

    Also as the game evolved, balls and strikes changed.  Balls fell over time from as high as nine to the standard of four. 'Three strikes and you're out' came fairly early, but what, exactly, was s strike was not settled on immediately. Early on, the first strike could never be a called strike.  Local rules were also in force and they varies. As the game grew and more and more teams played it, standardization was necessary, but it took time.

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    They just liked the number 9. 9 players,9 innings.

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    The players can't count to ten.

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