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Eastenders.   What's going on because at this rate, there will be no characters left.   We have lost Chantelle, Tina, Ian's on his way?

out, Sonia has just left to visit Bex and Patrick with his second Stroke quite possibly may not recover.   Kush is said to be leaving and I'd imagine Gray won't be arouind for much longer - and he may yet kill again.    And so it goes on. 


And then there's Stacey - Lacey is expecting again so she'll soon be on another maternity leave.    Isn't anybody bothering to watch EE?

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  • 2 months ago
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    Don`t forget that when an old character is written out, there is always a new one brought in like (Kate and Frankie) to replace them.

    Its the same in Corrie and Emmerdale. 

    Also some characters seem to disappear for months and then up they pop, like they have never been away. Old Mo is always disappearing for ages from ESA tenders and then suddenly she`s back with no explanations or one as lame as they have been on holiday or visiting sick relatives. That`s soaps for you I guess.

    Dogs in soaps also disappear and then reappear like mirages. UKW. 

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