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Lmao did you see lindsey Graham beg for mercy for trump on fox last night? It was kind of pathetic, the man said trump would destroy?

The GOP and and the GOP would deserve it 

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    I didn't see it. I did see him being called a traitor at the airport. I laughed. His outrageous hypocrisy has put him in a glass box of shame--and anything he might possibly say will only serve to enrage one half of America or the other---probably both halves. But knowing Linseed, he'll slip free, albeit with another coating of slime.

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    Show him all the mercy,  those treasonous traitors showed that Police officer. 

    Electric chair or hanging.......his choice. 

    We use to EXECUTE Traitors. 

    He can shove his mercy up his dumbass- 

  • 1 week ago

    That southern bell better be worrying about what Trump's brainwashed supporters want to do to him.

  • 1 week ago

    He has no guts 

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  • Ya his boy has been stressing Lindsey out

  • Hang him for treason. It’s time we get rid of that little worm. 

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