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What does two butterflies in a dream mean?

I saw a huge butterfly (monarch) and I saw a small one (white and yellow) flying around in my house. What does this mean? 


I don't have a significant other...mating is out of the picture. Plus I'm asexual..

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    Butterflies typically represent a journey. One large and one small would indicate you are unsure about the direction you are taking in life. You are being pulled in 2 directions as it were. The colorful Butterfly represents the pathway of social acceptance. The lesser colored Butterfly represents your inward self. Choose a pathway that you are most comfortable with.  

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Peace and happiness are within your grasp. 

    but you can't grab it.

    If you be still and allow it,

    it will land on you.

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    Butterflies in dreams are a very positive sign. They represent a transformation from something not good (caterpillars don't look very nice and they struggle to move) to something very good (you fly, you are pretty, liberty). So they represent something happening to you that will radically change your life and your circumstances in such a positive way that your world will be totally different and so much better.

    Many Christians associate this transformation with the rapture, that is, the day when the Lord comes for his elect, they are transformed, and they become immortal. You can read about that in the Bible.

    In your dream there were two butterflies, which means you and someone close to you (relative or friend) will experience this transformation at the same time.

    If you repent of your sins and ask Jesus Christ into your heart you will also experience a transformation, from darkness to light, though it may not be visible to you with your human eyes initially.

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    Butterflies in a dream is usually a good omen. Think about how a butterfly starts out. From a caterpillar then breaking out of a cocoon into a beautiful butterfly, flying away looking for a garden to retrieve sap from flowers. All of these things are a process. You may have something going on or thoughts of something that you want to do like changing something in your life that can & would bring you a positive outcome. You may have a close friend that has feelings for you & would like to go into a business adventure or maybe on a trip that might be very successful. Two butterflies might indicate a male & a female (the monarch equals the male & smaller colorful one the female)  Seems to me that is is a pleasant dream. mo. Rkl.

    Source(s): Zodiac press publication on dreams. I read it all the time.
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    Perhaps you connect well with nature as butterflies would certainly represent the beauty, and the changes of the seasons.  The dream is about you, not a significant other, so look to your Life's journey, to rebirths of a human kind.  They were flying around in your own home so this would be deeply personal to you.  Perhaps you have been thinking of adding something new or different to your home.  Something light and pretty to bring you more of the things that bring you joy! 

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    "What does two butterflies in a dream mean?"

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    It means you should stop looking for answers in snippets of random memories from the jumbled mess of images that run through your brain whilst you sleep. 

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    mating season...for you

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