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Why do teachers get so easily upset with students on the Autism Spectrum for little things they do wrong?

I’ve seen teachers get violently angry (sometimes throwing a lid off the child’s desk) with ASD children just for being a bit more easily distracted or not paying attention. There are other non-ASD students who deliberately misbehave and they get told off nicely. Why do ASD children get treated so badly overall relative to their peers?

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  • 2 months ago

    The education system was built to be made for neurotypicals, and such neurodivergent children are treated badly for not being as "easy" to look after as neurotypical children. Unfortunately, the years of treating neurodivergent kids as lesser or worthless in past centuries has made it so the educational system can't properly care for neurodivergent kids even now when they're trying to, because the way teachers learn to be teachers is centered around teaching neurotypical kids, and such neurodivergent behaviors are punished. It's unfortunate.

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