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Adjusting your monitor to help your eyes. ?

Is there anything I can do to my 144hz monitor that will be beneficial to my eyes? Like changing the brightness or having a certain type of mode on? Recently my eyes have been burning a little bit, unless I close my eyes or blink more often, and feel a little strained. Anyway I can help with that? Also my pupils have been small for about 2 days now, could that be because I’m on my computer a lot? I’m on my computer a lot for a long time. Thanks for any answers!


Update: Also, would eye drops help with the burning sensation? And the strain? I currently trying to get eye drops to use to see if they help. Thanks! 

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  • Andy C
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Some software has blue light filters and that will help with the eye strain a bit, but more for less interruption to your sleep cycle. 

    144mH is pretty fast,  at least twice as fast as the human eye,  so refresh rate isn't likely the problem. 

    Our eyes and brain DID evolve to help interpret reality.   Lots of screen time = lots of messing with your perception of reality and our brains simply WERE NOT developed to interpret computer screens. 

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