Looking for a good midi program with step editor?

I'm looking for a good midi program to install on my computer. I want it to allow for multiple tracks (8+ would be ideal, but no less than 4). I want it to have a step editor so that I don't need to play an instrument to record the music; I can just start placing notes and making them longer or shorter as well as changing the pitch. Also I want it to have a large collection of instrument sounds including drums, distortion guitar, atmospheric effects, crystal bells, strings, etc. Ideally it would be versatile enough to write a metal song, classical, medieval, as well as trance and dub-step. It would be a bonus to be able to record vocals and edit/clean/polish the sound so my own voice doesn't ruin it (haha) but that feature is not a requirement.

Does anyone have a suggestion that is under $200 (under $100 would be even better)? It doesn't have to be professional top quality, just something that sounds good. Thanks in advance!

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