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Is it ok to ask my doctor if he worried about me?? Or too personal?

Would he think this question is too “personal”?  I was in a car accident and the hospital I was treated at reached out to my doctor. I see this doctor next week, is it ok to ask if he worried about me or is it a weird question?? I want to know because he knows that I have a heart problem and the accident could have been fatal


I see your point, but he is like elderly so nooo there is no inappropriate feelings there O_o

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    Your doctor doesn't care about you or worry about on a personal level. If he has concerns about your medical condition he'll order tests and either refer you on or treat your condition himself. If you ask him if he worries about you he may decide that you've developed inappropriate feelings for him and to protect his reputation and avoid any accusations of unprofessional behaviour on his part he will likely recommend that you see someone else instead. He's your doctor and you're nothing more than a patient to him.

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    A doctor is paid to worry about your condition.

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