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I side hit a car driving I feel overwhelmed with the feelings that go with it?

I was driving about 40 mph on the highway when I got into a city with short streets.

I side hit a car, I hit the driver’s door, which means a lot of glass probably came his way from the door and there is not barrier from the front bumper.

I saw his DOB on his information they gave me and he was about 65. That’s an age at which recovering from an accident is more difficult.

I assume he very likely survived since I wasn’t charged with manslaughter. 

However, I feel that horrible weight on my shoulders of course, I can only imagine the medical intervention he had to go through, the loss of time at work, the trauma, etc.


Actually, I may have killed him too since it was a side accident even though I was never charged.

At 40 mph, the risk is 17% in a frontal impact compared with 85% in a side impact.

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    No question shown?

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    Had there been a serious injury, you would have been detained and given a field sobriety test and taken to the hospital for a blood sample.

    I was t-boned at 49. There was a lot of rib pain for about 4 months. They were probably cracked, but doctors don't do much about that, these days. That car didn't have air bags, and I'd imagine your victim's car did.

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    It’s good that you’re empathising with the other driver.

    Learn from that to drive defensively and avoid further collisions.

    You can guarantee that police would have routinely arrested and questioned you if anybody in the other car had died as a result of the collision.

    If you were speeding, and 40mph on “short streets”, is definitely too fast, then you may still face prosecution.

    Not sure whether any of this is useful though as you never actually asked a question.

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