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Why republicans? What to do now?

Prior to COVID I wasn’t a big fan of either of the two parties but would always lean right. However, since COVID I have come to realize that republicans are embarrassingly ignorant. Most refuse to even acknowledge that COVID is real and that it’s dangerous to a great many people who are loved and will be missed by someone. They couldn’t care less though, since it’s not their parent, spouse, child, friend, etc that they’re burying, and when it is, they make stupid excuses. And this infantile, idiotic, nonsensical hissy fit about masks is the most asinine thing I’ve ever witnessed. My god, talk about a bunch of brain dead babies. 

So, what to do now, when you loathe both sides equally but you know one of the two always wins? I don’t wanna waste my vote but I can’t stomach voting for either and tons of people I know are in the same mindset as I am with this. 

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  • Foofa
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    2 months ago

    Both these corrupt parties need to go. We don't teach US history anymore so far too many don't realize that it hasn't always been this way. Political parties come and go and the two major ones in the US right now are both dangerously misguided and power mad. 

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    I vote for the lesser of two evils.  I'll grant that the two major parties are bad, but I believe one is significantly worse than the other.  Rather than vote for a third party whose agenda I actually support but has no chance of winning, I'd rather use my vote to help keep the worst candidates out of office.

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    American government is designed to be a pendulum swinging back and forth between government's responsibilities and individual's rights. I know, I know, it's become something else, but it's still swinging back and forth. 

    So, you are in the plumb spot! It's the people in the middle, the swing voters, who determine which way to go - Is the Country on the right track? Is it time for a change? The moderates, who weigh issues over personalities. Your vote matters more than anyone's. 

    Make America Grateful Again

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    If it weren't for Pres Trump, millions of Americans (and others at well) would not be receiving vaccines in record time . .  . . any delay in administering them now is due to poor planning at the state and local level.  Biden declaring that he was going to order vaccines on Jan 21st has nothing to do with what Trump actually did......a DOER not a TALKER.


    I trust that you will refuse to take a vaccine developed under Trump and will wait for one developed by Biden.

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  • 2 months ago

    If you researched the candidates, you wouldn't have this dilema.  The Democrats attack Trump's character because they can't criticize his policies.  It's pretty obvious to me who should of been president.

    Trump's Platinum Plan for Black America, it would of been his crowning achievement.

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