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Is there any WW2 poetry based on propaganda?

Im looking for poetry from World War II that has something to do with "propaganda." 

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    The Watcher, by Ridgely Torrence

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    It's not clear what you're asking for. Are you asking for a poem written to be WW2 propaganda or for a poem whose subject is WW2 propaganda, meaning it's not propaganda but rather talks about propaganda that was used in WW2?

    The Beatles song "I Want You," whose lyrics written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney can be construed to be a poem, is about WW2 propaganda, specifically the American posters of Uncle Sam pointing his finger at the viewer with the words "I Want You" in order to propagandize military enlistment. Lennon himself said that that propaganda poster was the inspiration for the lyrics, the poetry. In "I Want You," Lennon and McCartney are quite critical of the propaganda by employing an aggressive and menacing tone that points to the aggressive and menacing tone of the propaganda itself, that same aggressive and menacing tone being what clearly indicates it's not actually the love song that people at first blush often have mistaken it to be. The movie Across the Universe depicts the poetic meaning of "I Want You" Lennon and McCartney intended, that it is about this particular piece of WW2 propaganda, propaganda that was later resurrected and used again to propagandize enlistment in the Vietnam War, the context in which that WW2 propaganda is depicted in the movie Across the Universe. See the following (skip ahead to 0:42):

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