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Dermatologists, Help!?

Can anyone make out if my skin ripped or if it is chemically burned? My skin care routine consists of 

- spinny brush

- cera ve 

- dudu oshun black soap

- paula’s choice bha 2%

- hydroquinone 4%

- Retin a gel 0.5%.

I know this is limited information but under my eyes are very sensitive and they usually act up after I use my black soap and put on my Paul’s choice BHA. But it could be the active ingredients I use like hydroquinone and Retin a gel. It also could be how harsh I use my spinny brush to my face aswell. It hurts a lot like any other wound. I overestimated my skin and underestimate how sensitive it was. Do you know also how I could bring down the swelling or get rid of the mark?

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  • drip
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    1 month ago

    Use only your cera ve and a soft washcloth for a couple of weeks and see if it all clears up. 

  • 1 month ago

    Stop ALL of this.  You're mixing a lot of different brands and chemicals that are designed to peel your skin. Combine that with the scrubbing brush and you're going to get inflammation and pain. Beyond over doing this, there could be reaction between the products.

    I'd suggest an ice pack on a towel (no ice directly on the skin) on and off as you can tolerate it for about 15 minutes.  This will help with the swelling and inflammation -- at least on the surface.Then just leave it alone.  You can also consider using an antibiotic cream/ointment like Nespsorin.

    Only use a very mild cleaner on your skin (no skinny brush) such a Cetaphil.  I'd strongly recommend that you talk to a dermatologist before using any of these other products on your skin again.  


  • 😈
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    1 month ago

    Keep all of those chemicals off your skin.  It is way too much. You may be allergic to one of the products. Or it could be a chemical burn. Let your skin breathe without any makeup or chemicals for a couple of weeks. Some of the facial products contain high amounts of alcohol. You could be damaging your skin with those products. You may want to see a Dermatologist if it does not clear up.

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