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Would our Covid Reponse/Numbers could have been different if  Trump spent as much time on it as he does playing golf?

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    2 months ago

    Is Trump the only person in government?

    Is Trump a Medical Doctor?

    Trump is a leader, he hired and directs other people to "Handle it"

    Trump SHUT down travel, closed borders. 

    Democrats DEMAND Trump open the borders.

    Cuomo Screamed for Help while he murdered pensioners by sending the infected back to the homes. [meanwhile stockpiling ventilators, selling them on black market later.]

    TRUMP supplied Hospital Ships, and Emergency Field Hospitals, that went Unused.

    Come to find out, The Medico's had no idea what they were doing, many died because they were treated for Symptoms, 95% died on ventilators.

    Masks work IF the infected wear them.

    Social Distancing is a "feel good" at 6 feet. Real distance needed is 15 feet.  But that is not commercially viable.

  • 2 months ago

    All he had to do is tell the truth. 

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