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Dark red blood/discharge?

For the past week I have had occasional dark red discharge (like once a day I’ll notice it). It doesn’t smell particularly bad most of the time, but I noticed yesterday it was starting to smell kind of sour, still not a strong smell but I noticed it. My boyfriend and I had sex and when he pulled out he was COVERED in dark red, clotted blood. We hadn’t had sex in a few days. Some things to note: I’m 18, have sex regularly, I’m on the depo shot and have been for about 8 months now, never been pregnant, not having pain during sex or any other uterine pain otherwise. Another weird thing that I don’t know if it’s normal but I’m pretty sure I can feel my ovaries? Like there’s two little spherical balls on either side of my uterus. Idk it’s probably nothing but I noticed it a few months ago and just think it’s weird. I am definitely going to a doctor but based on what I’ve told you, would you recommend I go to the ER tomorrow or schedule an appointment for next week? Thanks in advance. 

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    Based on above make an appointment. You continue to bleed heavy, like soaking a pad every 1-2 hours then the ER

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