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Do you think banning rap music would protect kids from reality ?

Personally I don't.

Because kids will still hear profanity (at home, school) and will still be negatively influenced elsewhere.

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    Absolutely not, nor do I think censoring it will do any good.

    I'm no fan of rap, in fact I can barely stand the stuff, but that doesn't matter.  All I have to do is not listen to it, and everyone is happy.  But it's an art form, and it shouldn't be censored or banned just because someone else thinks it's offensive and a bad influence.

    Rap doesn't contain anything a kid can't hear at home, at school, watching TV or hanging with friends.  If rap music is a kid's only influence in the world, that's entirely the kid's parents' fault.  No exceptions.  

    When I was growing up, I listened to the should-be-banned music of the time, heavy metal.  It was the same old BS then as it is now:  This music is making kids think bad thoughts when they hear it, and it's going to result in a whole generation of violent Satanic drug-addicted sexual perverts.  And guess what, it didn't.  (Well, maybe the sex part, but still)  Most of us 80's rockers are now married with kids, working full time, paying the bills and remembering the good old days when dressing like women and singing about the devil was badass.

    Same with rap.  Rap doesn't make kids join gangs, smoke crack and shoot each other in the street, bad parenting does.

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    It's not rap that's the issue. There are so many agendas in movies, tv shows, cartoons, etc... If rap became illegal and it all stopped, would corruption and fake news stop??? Lies and deception have been around for centuries before rap music. Teaching kids is a start but how about RETEACHING ADULTS TOO. Many adults of the mental maturity of a 13yr old. So if you have idiotic adults raising kids to be morons, we have a much bigger problem than rap music. Besides do we just forget all the other music genres out there like this one at the bottom and just blame rap for it all?

    death met·al


    1.   a form of heavy rock music using lyrics preoccupied with death, suffering, and destruction. Oxford Dictionaries

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    Im not a big fan of rap, i hate most of it, but even though i love grunge, rock, and alternative, ill admit alt rock and grunge, have just as much profanity, and censoring it would prevent kids from hearing that stuff, the key isn't to prevent them from hearing it, but rather to teach them when its appropriate to say it.

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    No ! because all rap isn't bad they make religious songs in rap , there are some Christian rap bands a Christian rock group ( styler ) did a rap album , I think I have a lot of there albums have not found that one yet

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    Ok boomer

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    i dont think so either

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    No, banning it is pointless and I don’t even listen to rap music anymore, but I still love 80s/90s rap for their messages. Nowadays it seems so shallow and they all sound similar, but I guess that is what today’s generation likes. I’m still stuck in the past with os rappers.

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    There are so many theories about violence. Videogames cause violence, no movies cause violence. Now it's rap music. The thing is violence predates videogames, movies and music by hundreds of thousands of years. It's inherently a human character. 

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