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Why is my labia burning after a year? ?

A year ago I had a severe yeast infection. The heat infection went away and 2 days later I started having burning sensations to what felt to be in my urethra. I went to the hospital a handful of times to be told I still had a yeast infection and was prescribed 10 diflucan to take. I took them every other day like prescribed and nothing changed. I scheduled an appointment with a urologist who told me I had severe BV. She recommend I take boric acid capsules which I did. Nothing changed. I’ve been to two different gynecologists who have tested me for everything possible including a biopsy. Nothing... it’s been over a year and I still have a burning sensation what feels to be coming from my labia (skin inside inner folds of vagina) I’ve noticed it’s worse when I’m close to starting my period. The only way I can describe it is that my skin is on fire. It appears to be red and irritated along with white colored skin close to the urethra. Anybody else have the same problem before? There has to be hope. 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    A few things come to my mind.  Disregard if you've already tried or if they are not applicable to you:

    Reaction to the type of soap you wash with.  Try using a different kind.

    Reaction to the laundry detergent your underwear is washed with.  Try a different one.

    Reaction to personal grooming.  If you wax or shave down there, try stopping.

    If you're sexually active, may be an allergic reaction to latex.  Seek out a non-latex condom.

    If none of those help, push back to one of your doctors.  Go back, tell them that you need them to dig deeper and find out what's wrong.  If you press the issue, they should work harder at finding a solution for you.

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