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what is the best closed cell spray foam kit/gun/tank I can buy for the money to do my whole house with and is it mold/waterproof?

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    I've used Handi-Foam, Touch-n-Seal and Dow Froth Pak kits many times.  They are pretty much all the same. Following instructions is critical. 


    elhigh has some very good knowledge in that response. Without knowing more about where exactly you plan to spray I don't have much more to offer other than that I wouldn't recommend using a store loaned blower for cellulose in walls.  No loaner machine I've ever seen at a store is designed for walls. 


    I have a CPDS Series 2 sitting in my garage for sale if you're

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    Your best bet is probably to hire the work done.  The kits you can get on the consumer level are fairly expensive and won't do as much as you think.

    You may not be aware of this, but you have to have open bays for this to work.  Trying to foam closed walls will result in your walls blowing out.  Even the low-slow expansion foam will develop enough pressure to pop every piece of drywall right off the screws.

    Is it waterproof: Not really.  Open cell spray foam is NOT, and most closed-cell foams are only water resistant.  It's pretty important to ensure that your wall is already thoroughly waterproof before taking this step as it makes doing any work inside the wall impossible without dismantling the wall and hogging out the insulation.  If your vapor barrier and drainage planes are in good shape and you have open stud bays inside, foam away.  If you're looking at spray foam as a means of alleviating a moisture issue you already have, STOP.  That way lies madness and, down the road, major repairs.

    But like I said - it's kind of expensive on the consumer level.  A typical yield for a $600 consumer kit foaming a wall with 2x4 studs is 8' high x 20 feet long.  That's two walls in a single, small room.  If you don't want to take that big money jump try this:

    Get full sheets of 2" thick Styrofoam or polyiso board.  Cut off planks the width of your stud bays and drop them into place.  Foam the edges for an airtight seal: presto.  Way less outgassing (which is a real thing with spray foam), no itchy glass fibers in your skin and in the case of polyiso you can get a radiant foil barrier on one side for added performance.  The same $600 you would spend on a home foaming kit will purchase enough foamboard to insulate literally twice as much wall.

    If you want to insulate walls without opening them, consider shooting cellulose.  You can shoot finished walls with cellulose, sometimes winding up with a relatively small hole that is easily patched, or else covered with a bit of added trim.  Your $600 will purchase enough cellulose to insulate over 2000 square feet of wall, and usually comes with an automatic loan of the cellulose blower in the bargain.  Any cellulose you have left over, shoot it into the attic.

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    go to your big box home improvement store and ask the salespeople to explain their products to you

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