Why was there an admin account on my new pc?

So basically i got a brand new pre-built gaming pc. When i first turned it on i was expecting to have to install windows on it but i didnt have to. So i went on my way and downloaded the drivers i needed, downloaded all my apps like steam and wallpaper engine, i logged into all my accounts and then decided to put a password on my pc. when i tried i realised i never created an account on my pc. i was already logged in. i looked some more and realised i was logged into an admin account. so i couldnt change the name, add a password or anything. basically all the hours i spent setting up my pc was wasted as o needed to create a new account and do everything again. so why was there an admin account on my pc. i thought they were suppose to be hidden. also is there anything i can do to edit the admin account instead?

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    Two major possibilities in the following order of probability:-

    1: The PC builder needed a working operating system in order to test the machine. But then forgot to delete the Admin account afterwards. 

    2: The system had been sold to someone before you and was then returned by the customer for whatever reason. Typically on a custom-build that would be because of a fault. 

    Your resolution is identical either way: return the PC to the supplier for repair or a refund, or demand that the builder provides you with the Admin logon credentials.

    You may well find that the copy of Windows already installed is an illegal unlicensed copy: if the system build specification did not include the cost of a properly licensed fresh OS then you’ll need to pay for one to be installed or to install one yourself after the PC builder gives you the Admin password allowing you to delete the current OS.

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