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LTSpice - Plotting ?

Instruction: Now change the frequency of oscillation to 1GHz and reduce the transient simulation time to 10ns versus 1ms and re-run the simulation. Where do I go in LTSpice to change the frequency of oscillation, or can this be done as a command in the netlist? 

Previously, the simulation time was 1 microsecond (used .tran 0 1u), so how do I set a time vs another time component?

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    The frequency is changed in the definition of your source (could be voltage or current source). In LTSpice, right-click on the driving source.

    To change the simulation time, modify the .tran statement. In LTSpice, right-click on the .tran statement.

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    Don't know what you have producing an oscillation, but I'll assume it is a simple source.  Right click on the source, and select 'Advanced.  Change the listed frequency to 1 GHz.  OK.  Now click on 'Simulate' and then 'Edit simulation cmd' and open the 'Transient' tab.  Adjust start and stop times to give you display of 10 ns. 

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