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I need help finding this horror game?

Its a game about a young woman who moves into her aunts house; she has a mental illness just as her aunt did and has to take pills everyday. She works as a writer but she hasn't been able to write anything due to her illness. She feels she's forgotten something important but can't remember what.

She ends up getting chased by a spirit every night and grows more and more afraid of living in the house. She ends up staying the night at her friendly neighbors house but ends up unknowing leaving in the middle of the night and wakes up thinking he brought her back against her will and that he probably thinks she's crazy.

Its revealed her aunt lost her child and her husband left her. She ended up losing her mind and committing suicide because of it and her niece, the main character is the one who finds her hanging.

At the end, you have to either admit it was probably all a hallucination or double down that it really was a monster. Choosing that it was a hallucination will end up getting a bad end so you have to choose to double down on there really being a monster for the true ending to occur.

The young woman eventually finds the bear her aunt was making for her and ends up having to face off against the spirit. She cries realizing that she never loved her aunt the way that she should or supported her the way she could have. The important thing that she had forgotten was how much she loved her aunt and she collapses and is awoken by her friendly neighbor whom came to check on her

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    This....wouldn't be Paranoiac, would it? Kinda vaguely remember the premise behind it and all of what you described about it sounds familiar 🤔

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