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"I haven't showered today." Or  "I didn’t shower today."  Which one is commonly said?

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    Any self-respecting person would avoid using either of them. As someone already said, you can use 'yet' to imply that you intend to get a shower when you can.

    Everything depends upon the context in which it is being said.   "I didn't get a shower today because the heating was out of action."

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    "I haven't showered today" means "yet."  You still have the opportunity.

    "I didn't shower today" means the day is ending.  You'll have to shower tomorrow.

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    Kind of depends on the situation.  I haven't showered today suggests that you normally would, and that you might still, or you are explaining something else (like why your hair is a mess or you don't smell all that great).  I did not shower today is more of an assertion of truth. I did not. 

    The usual reasons we chose I have not versus I did not, in effect.

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    Of the two, the second one would be the more common. The first one sounds a bit posh.

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    Most common:

    - I didn't take a shower today.

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