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Is The International Freelance Photographers Organization (IFPO) legit?

I am looking at getting a press pass from The International Freelance Photographers Organization (IFPO) to cover local news and submit my photos/ videos  to local news stations/ websites. I don’t typically plan on crossing police lines but would like a pass just in case. Is IFPO recognized by law enforcement? If you have experience and do not think IFPO is legit do you have any suggestions? If it helps I'm in California. 

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    --  As a former news photographer and TV news cameraman both in Australia and in several countries overseas, I have never heard of that organization until looking it up on the internet, but as it was created 34 years ago in America, and I was only working in Australia at that time for a local TV news outlet, and had their ID credentials along with a "Victorian Police Press Pass".

    --  You can join the International Freelance Photographers Organization and gain one of their press passes, , whichever is best suited for you.

    --  If you are freelancing locally, then approach one of the newspapers for one of their passes, if they are willing. If not, attempt to gain a "Police Press Pass", but you will probably need one or two letters from the papers you are selling to.

    --  Internationally, you gain a "press pass" from the Ministry of Information in that country, and if you are covering a war, from the leading military authority, or both.

    --  You may also approach the "International Journalist Federation" who are legitimate and has existed for far longer, and gain a press pass from them.

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