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Is working out an hour a day in lockdown ok?

I'm losing weight slowly with calorie counting and exercise

In lockdown I workout an hour a day

30 mins morning and 30 mins evening 

Is this ok to keep losing weight? 

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    That's great.  Weight loss is always about being in a calorie deficit.  That's why weight loss is 80% diet -- it is far easier to monitor your portions, count calories, and stay under your calorie needs than it is to exercise enough to burn the same amount of calories.

    A good cardio workout for 30 minutes will get your body using more calories.  A good 30 minute strength training workout will help you sculpt your body and increase your muscle mass.  Yoga is great for flexibility.   If you've got the time and energy to workout twice a day, great. If not, one workout is better than most people do.  

    If you aren't sure how many calories you should be eating to lose weight, there are online calculators for BMI and TDEE like this one:

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    1 month ago

    Yes, that's fine. I believe lockdown only applies for when your not social distancing.

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