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When people commit suicide and fail and end up disabled, paralyzed, blind, etc instead, what mistakes did they make and how can you make?

sure that you don’t make the same mistake?

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    Someone I worked with first jumped off a viaduct onto the Freeway below, broke both legs and survived.  Within 12 months (and despite hospitalization and psychiatric treatment) she attempted to hang herself in her garage.  She stepped off a chair with a noose around her neck.  For whatever reason (and she wasn't found for - we think over 20 minutes) she didn't die.  She is now in a hospital, brain dead, a vegetable, on life support.  I don't know what mistake she made.  I DO know she left behind a child who visits her on occasion and will NEVER get over this attempted suicide.  She was 18 months when her mother tried to die.  What was the failure?  What was the mistake?  She had no idea how many people cared.

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