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Why does space/animation scare me?

Okay, this is weird. I get that it's common to fear space, that's not really my issue though. I get weirdly scared of fast-moving space (animation). But at the same time, I have no issue watching space animation videos on Youtube, it's just particular ones.

Example: I have the steam wallpaper UI on my PC and I wanted a cool space desktop background so I search for universe one and tried one of the looped videos of an Earth. It started fine, I thought it would've mainly been a still picture but then the "camera" perspective thingy started moving towards it and it freaked me out. Then it started going fast around the fake earth and getting closer. That really freaked me out. It's like getting sucked into a pit and falling to me. 

The animation was horrible, it wouldn't stop getting closer then got really close! I'm not terrified of this thing but it just freaks me out. (As well as Google Earth zoom in's)

Another example was a VR game (with a headset on) that you were in a dark space and they're scattered stars. Then you can hold on control and all the stars come together then release for them to explode out. That was freakin horrible. Not only was I tricking my mind into thinking I was actually in the big dark empty space but the stars made it even more convincing and daunting...

Is there a name for this or anyone who relates. I'm just curious. (Note this is not a phobia but something that gives me the heebie-jeebies)

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