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Isn't it true no one believes in free speech and all y'all are a bunch of hypocrites?

When I was in the navy, I used to get messaged by right wing hypocrites telling me they needed my support in banning groups that disrespected the military.

I always responded with I'm here fighting for their right to disrespect us.

Post something offensive to religious right-wing folks, and they will do everything they can to ban that speech.

Post something sexual and the right will do everything they can to censor it.

Now they cry the left is doing what they would do.

The left hates free speech too, I'm not saying they respect free speech, they certainly don't.

But neither does the right. Everybody hates free speech. Everybody wants to censor speech they don't like. Everybody pretends they love free speech when it's their speech but every one is a bunch of god damn hypocrites who will do all they can to censor speech they hate.

Incoming left "durr... private companies can do what they want if I like what they're doing, but I want to control how much they pay people, and I want to control who they hire... but I want them to fire anyone they want to for their speech, because I agree with them atm.."

Respecting free speech means respecting it beyond laws. It means fighting for laws that respect free speech everywhere. But no one believes in free speech, so they won't fight for it.

Free speech is NOT just restricted to the government.

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    Thank You for your service, first of all.  I'm afraid right now we have seen the last of free speech for awhile.  Wit h the dems  telling us what we can and cannot say  any more and the media  lying to us every day.. and of course Big Tech taking over and not allowing anyone who does not agree with them to even post on their sights.. and removing any sight that would.  I would have to say.. there is no free speech of any kind in America right now!

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    Normal people failed to notice it when our schools stopped teaching the Constitution and started teaching that "words are violence". So we've only got ourselves to blame that an entire generation now (except the private schoolers) think freedom of speech is harmful. 

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    The government does have to honor our free speech.  However, private companies like Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, and others don't have to do that.  They get to make and enforce their own rules, whether we like it, or not.  Non-government YA members can censor others, as well.  The only time that the government can censor anyone is when they cross the line by misusing their free speech to incite public disorder.  The Capitol siege was an extreme example of that.  

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    democrats not only embraced fascist silencing of the opposition they are cheering it on

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    I'm going to stop you right there.

    Your blaming of right wingers for military duty, loyalty, and patriotism is way out of context.

    Military trying to weed out flakes and traitors is called duty.

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