Why are rural Americans against solar and wind energy?

Why do they vote against solar panel and windmill projects when our planets climate is dangerously askew and animal species are becoming extinct by the thousands every year? There are vast, vacant fields that are waiting for solar panels. They can be put up and no one will hear a thing while they provide clean energy to millions.


I suspect it's because their republican congressional leaders, who profit from big oil, are feeding their constituents lies and misinformation about the alleged shortcomings of solar and wind energy.

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    More outreach and education is needed. The global warming message can’t sound elitist, out of range and in another world. Ways need to found to explain to rural Americans how the climate change is effecting them personally. Big oil could be held accountable for its anti climate propaganda and agenda. They buy legislators to push their agenda. They influence public opinion. 

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    1 month ago

    Rural Americans are slow to accept change.

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    1 month ago

    If you fill the vast vacant fields with solar panels you will make animal species extinct. Check your logic and arguments because they don't make sense.

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    Have you heard about California's situation this past summer? They had to schedule blackouts for many cities not just because of wildfires, but because the clean energy methods they switched to weren't enough to keep up. If I believed that solar panels and windmills were as effective and not harmful to the environment, I would be all for them. But, please, consider this: solar panels contain multiple heavy metals like lead, arsenic and cadmium, which are all terrible for the environment when they end up in landfills. And solar panels only last about 20 years before they need to be replaced, so that's quite a bit of heavy metals ending up in landfills to leach into ground if everybody switched to solar panels. Also, consider this: are solar panel factories powered by solar panels? Of course not. I am not convinced that solar energy is beneficial to the environment, I believe it is more harmful in the end. I haven't done as much research into windmills, so I would be open to the possibility. But what I do know is that most regions aren't naturally windy enough to provide enough wind-powered energy. So; to answer your question, rural Americans are against solar and wind energy because they know that it's not sustainable.

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