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Best cat litter?

I know there’s debate about this but I want to see what I get. I’ve tried so many different brands and the only one that was good was pretty litter but it’s around $25 a bag for a month i have three cats and ones pregnant so I need better then that. I need to find something that will hold longer. Me and my fiancé aren’t quite sure what to do we e tried so many different brands, getting extra litter boxes, excessively cleaning them, and different litter but one cat doesn’t like what we've been trying and it’s been over two months. All the cats loved pretty litter but it was way to much and I can’t afford what it costs. I’m wondering if anyone else has figured out what is the best for multiple cats. Please no hate I’m trying my best 

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  • Deane
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    1 month ago

    I am a big Dr Elsey;s fan but Frisco Cat Litter from Chewy comes in a close second with my cat. Dr Elsey does offer coupons on their website and they are always in the box too.  Just watch the video on youtube with floppycats about cat attract litter

  • Beth
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    1 month ago

    I like to use Dr. Elsey's Ultra Cat Litter. There is also another Dr. Elsey's brand that I have not tried called Cat Attract. I buy the litter at my local grocery store, and I also saw it at one of the pet supply stores in the past. The website can help you to locate it somewhere near you.

    Ultra clumps very well and doesn't have too much dust. It does not have a scent. You can add a baking soda with scent for litter boxes.

    I have also used Arm & Hammer cat litter, Fresh Step, and a Walmart brand of clumping litter. These are all okay, but not as good as Ultra.

    The company will email you a $3.00 coupon, good until March, if you provide your email address.  They also sell cat food, but I have not tried any of these.

  • 2 months ago

    I use Tidycat multi-cat litter.

  • Sarah
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    2 months ago

    I have six indoor only cats. I've tried many brands of litter over the years, including many of the Tidy Cats formulas, Arm & Hammer, Sweat Scoop, etc. I found Dr. Elsey's litter a couple of months ago and I think it is about as close to perfection as a litter can be, for me.

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  • PR
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    2 months ago

    You don't actually state what the problem is that the cat is having? Is the cat not using the litter/going somewhere else? Is the cat having trouble fitting in the box?

    Things to consider with litter boxes and multiple cats:

    -Bladder infection: First and foremost, be SURE the cat does not have a bladder infection. This is the #1 reason a cat will stop using the litter. Because a cat feels pain upon urinating with a bladder infection, the cat thinks the litter box is the cause of the pain, so he tries other places. Some will go on the floor, some will go by the toilet or bath tub, some in a sink basin, some on carpeting. Get kitty checked immediately for a bladder infection, or you could be risking his health.

    -Kidney issues or diabetes: Get the kitty vet checked. Cats with kidney disease or diabetes will go more often.

    -Box too small: Some cats don't like small boxes. We use plastic storage totes with high sides. This allows more room for the cat, and stops scratching on walls.

    -Box has a cover on it: Some cats DO NOT like covered boxes. Be sure you remove covers in this case.

    -Automatic litter box: Some cats do not like the motor in the automatic boxes.

    -Another animal intimidating the cat: Sometimes another cat or a dog will bother the cat while in the box. Even if the other animal is simply curious, this may cause the cat to find a different place to potty.

    -Need more boxes: It sounds like you have already addressed this, but the general rule is one box more than the number of cats in the house. This allows for different "potty styles" since some cats will only urinate in one box/poop in another box, while others don't really care.

    -Different locations: Spread the boxes out.

    -Box walls too high: If a cat is older, he may not want to hop over a tall box. Get a box with lower sides

    -Older cat may not want to go too far, needs to urinate often: Place more boxes, and closer to where the cats hang out. Get cat checked by vet.

    -Cat was declawed: Some declawed cats feel pain while using the litter. Talk to the vet about this. Look this up if it may be an issue.

    -Previously outside cat: If the cat was used to going outside, try sprinkling some outside landscape mulch over the top of the litter. It makes it smell like the outdoors, and is cheap. Feral cats and kittens like this to get used to normal litter. 

    -Previously outside cat #2: Some cats WANT TO POTTY OUTSIDE. They love the fact that they never need to step in the same dirty place twice. You may notice them sitting by the door, asking to go outside. We have had a couple cats who acted like dogs and did their "business" outside rather than in the litter box. They would get rather cranky if only allowed to use the box. Consider this if the cat was used to going outdoors. If all else fails, fill a box with landscape mulch, or make a larger box in the garage with grass, mulch, or straw.

    Either way, if the cat has not been checked by a vet and even by TWO vets (second opinion), do this rather than wasting money on various litters. An untreated bladder infection can lead to kidney disease.

    ADDED NOTE: For new kittens who are beginning to use the litter box: Use NON-clumping litter. You can also sprinkle landscape mulch over the top if needed. Small kittens can ingest the fine clumping litter and get sick. They also get it stuck in their paws, making quite a mess. Most vets recommend the standard litter for little ones.

  • ?
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    2 months ago

    Buy the super expensive one and another more reasonable costing bag. Mix the two together and use that. Always add some baking soda to your litter and after each cleaning. 

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