Difference between Diamond and Ruby?

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    Diamond as pale skin, silver hair, a slender build, and performs at Pink Rhino.  Ruby has red hair, big boobs, and works at the Downtowner.

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    Ruby is red and a hexagonal carborundum crystal with hardness 9. They are tough. Diamond is a cubic pure carbon crystal and has a higher index of refraction (2.4) than ruby (1.7) and has a hardness of 10, but can be brittle and cleave when struck sharply. Ruby doesn't cleave as easily. The best diamonds are clear and without inclusions. The best rubies are dark red

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    Exactly when we think about wedding rings and embellishments, the most standard stone to go with the important metal of choice is an amazing white gem. At Diamond Heaven, we love gems (it's in our name after all). From shining dull valuable stones to gleaming yellow and even pale pink, gems are until the cows come home. Choosing to have a shaded valuable stone on your wedding ring or pendant may give off an impression of being an odd choice - especially when there are such innumerable ideal gemstones to peruse out there. From spots of Jade for greatness to shocking blue Sapphires to dim red Rubies, the uncommon shades of gemstones can change a touch of diamond - so why might it be prudent for you to pick tinted valuable stones, for instance, a dim or yellow gem over them? Other than the retail cost of a concealed gem, how might they stand out from various gemstones? We thought we'd analyze it!

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    Really! You don't know the difference? I suggest you look up the descriptions and differences.

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    1 month ago

    The Rocks? Are these some rock bands U refer to?

    Diamonds are hardest substance known, #10 on Mohs scale Crystallized carbon.  .Clear,  brown, pink, blue. Brown can look yellowish  .Only valuable if large and considered "perfect" (no visible flaws under 10X magnification.) And, Cut .Many small, imperfect diamonds are found, even these have use as industrial diamonds (work Great on stainless steel-!) Biggest supply use to be S. Africa, some found  in India;, but now from  Canada. Arkansas USA is only   US source of small, industrial Ds. I have cousins who wholesaled Ds. in Rogers. You can pan diamonds at a park there for $5.I paid $250 for a .2 carat brilliant in a setting, used. So, Cut and Perfect; they are worth about $1,000/carat.

    Rubies are corundum, aluminum oxide. #9  on Mohs scale.  Red.  A smaller one not as valuable as same weight diamond. Very large perfect rubies are actually more valuable than diamonds.

    Emeralds  and sapphires are  cousins to rubies. Basically, Al2 O3, like a ruby. Large, perfect emeralds and sapphires are the most valuable gemstones.

    EDIT: The Hope Diamond is Large and, Quite Blue. Not "pale". Ive seen it.  And, Quite Valuable, although the water-clear variety U see in jewelry stores is more popular. A natural diamond can be a yellowish, 8-sided crystal. Alluvial diamonds, washed and worn by rivers, can look merely like a lump of quartz. But, denser than quartz, can be panned like gold.

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    to see Diamond is clear, while ruby is reddish.

    For a common person it differs mainly in the capacity of their pocket

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    Diamonds are made from carbon. Diamonds are clear. 

    Rubies are made from alumina. Rubies are red. 

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    Jewels are the lone


    framed from a solitary component. For instance, a precious stone is the glasslike type of carbon. A


    is glasslike aluminum oxide (Al3O2) for certain pollutants added. The real mineral is called corundum.

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    Jewels are the solitary pearl framed from a solitary component. ... For instance, a jewel is a glasslike type of carbon. A ruby is glasslike aluminum oxide (Al3O2) for certain contaminations added. The real mineral is called corundum.

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    What Barry said. Diamonds are typically clear and transparent, or at least the pure ones are, some diamonds have faint coloration (blue, yellow, red, pink, purple, various colors) from traces of impurities.

    Rubies are varying colors of red.

    Diamonds are rarer than rubies, and typically more expensive, though it depends. A ruby with exceptional cut, color and clarity may be worth more than a diamond of equal weight.

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