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Is there any circumstance where a type 1 diabetic can enter DKA even though they have insulin on board?

Like, they're taking the right amount of insulin yet still go into DKA?


My understanding is that DKA is solely caused by a lack of insulin, not hyperglycaemia, which is only a byproduct of the lack of insulin. Therefore there are no situations where, of a diabetic has taken their insulin as per usual, they would enter DKA? Yet then I hear conflicting statements in articles saying things like "hyperglycaemia can lead to acidosis".

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    You are starting with a FALSE premise and yourself is circular. 

    Yes, they CAN go into DKA because they are NOT taking enough in sin or they are constantly angry and enraged and have no control over their emotions or REFUSE to take any insulin or any diabetes medications. That DOES happen. 

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    Yes.  If there is insufficient insulin 'on board'. i.e. you are either not taking enough insulin to cover the amount of carbohydrates that you're imbibing OR if you have an underlying infection that's causing your blood glucose levels to be higher than they normally are.

    By the way, hyperglycemia is caused by there not being sufficient insulin present, my friend.

    Hyperglycemia CAN lead to acidosis, which occurs when someone enter DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis) or is very close to entering DKA.  The 'acids' that are produced are as a result of improper fat metabolism. i.e. your body is breaking down fatty tissues in a deliberate attempt to stay alive.  It does this when it can't utilise the glucose from within the bloodstream due to there being a lack of insulin. (Insulin acts as a sort of 'key' to unlock the body's cells so that glucose can enter.)

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    If they go into DKA, they were not taking the right amount of insulin. They may have been taking the amount their doctor prescribed, but it's not the right amount if DKA happens.

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    i would ask them about it but i dont see why you couldnt

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