Internet connection for remote location?

Does a device exist to meet the needs below?

I'd like to to remotely monitor a cabin in Hawaii.  There ***IS*** 3G cell service in the area, but no easy access to phone lines, cable TV, or mains power.  Likely we would have some solar power, but it could be regularly interrupted.

While visiting New Zealand, we got a cheap phone at the airport, and that included about 2 or 3 GB of data (I don't recall precisely), and could also be tethered to a laptop through USB, and provide an internet connection to the laptop.  That sort of thing would almost work, except that I want something that automatically connects when power is applied with no manual intervention.


 - auto connection with no manual intervention, once configured

 - connects to 3G cell service

 - 1 GB of data per month

 - somehow tethered to a Raspberry Pi (linux), either USB or RJ-45

 - speed of 0.1 Mbps (100 kbps)


 - low cost (like $15/month would be great)

 - powered off USB (a switching adapter for 120 VAC acceptable)

 - if it has wi-fi, the ability to configure it to be off, or at least set a strong password

 - month-to-month service

 - ability to turn service on and off for any given month (not that important)

 - more data per month, like 3 GB or 5 GB, but not if more costly

 - speed of 1.5 Mbps or more, but not if more costly



 - a phone number or ability to make a phone call or text

 - ability to connect to 5G in the future

 - ping time (lag)

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  • 2 months ago
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    A 3G or 4G router intended for such as remote CCTV use would work fine.

    They have all the typical features of a home or office internet router, but connect via a built-in 3G or 4G cellular device rather than cable or DSL.

    You buy the unit and use a suitable SIM card to get a connection to the network.

    You can use a prepay one, or contract - whichever you like & whichever gets you the best deal at any time.

    It must be one that allows an incoming connection though.

    Many service providers firewall all incoming connections.

    The SIM must be using an accessible connection, preferable a fixed IP one intended specifically for remote access systems.

    Example routers:

    Proroute H820

    Teltonika RUT950

    Teltonika RUT955

    There are also 3G/4G routers intended for home use; those are not guarantee to have all the facilities of one intended for remote access use.

    [MiFi / Pocket WiFi devices are personal, battery powered units, they are not intended for permanent or fixed installation use].

  • BigE
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    2 months ago

    You are talking about a 3g MIFI, but the cost is much more than $15.  Some providers have pay as you go service for the MIFI data, that might be less.

    A mifi is a 3G router, some have wired ports and of course wifi.  Even without a ethernet port you could run your wired stuff off a client mode travel router.

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