We're moving and I can't get my gf to pack. What do I do?

We have until the end of the month to be totally out of the house. We're having to move into a camper, so we're putting all the things we don't absolutely have to have with us into a storage unit. I've gone through all my things, sold/given away about half of my stuff and have the rest organized into boxes and labeled. Several days ago, my girlfriend dragged out her things and scattered them everywhere in the name of "sorting," but now it's just a mess. I literally can't walk through the living room because there are clothes and boxes piled everywhere, the table is piled high with misc stuff, her clothes are EVERYWHERE. I've been begging her to do something about it but she won't. I can't pick and choose what items of hers to keep, she has to do it. How do I get her motivated?


She wasn't wanting to move, is the issue. Neither am I; I'm unable to find a job here and the camper thing is our only option. She realized she couldn't avoid it either, and suddenly went on a packing rampage. Pretty much the only things in the house now are the bare essentials that will be coming with us.

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    There are two kinds of people, one kind packs a month before the move, the other packs the morning of.  Sometimes these people form relationships.  Neither can change the other. 

    On the other hand, if moving is traumatic, she may not be packing because she wants to pretend it isn't happening.  That's worse. 

  • drip
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    1 month ago

     Can you help her. Today let’s do this pile. Keep, throw out, pack?  Ask her what the problem is. Is she so upset at the move and having to store stuff that she can’t get moving? Can she not part with anything? 

    What are the consequences of her not getting it done? Is she going to expect you to jump in at the very last moment and help. At that point I would be picking up a pile and throwing in a big trash bag. Put in the storage unit where she can go there and sort it herself. 

  • 2 months ago

    She's got two weeks.  Don't sweat it. 

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