On which CD was the music video for "look at us" recorded?

I am looking for a CD that has the music video for Sarina Paris' hit song "Look At Us".

I believe it's in Sarina Paris' music album "Sarina Paris".

I have heard that it is on the Singapore version of "Sarina Paris", but I am not sure if that is accurate.

Is it included in the Singapore version?

If it is not on the CD, where was it first released?

Sorry if it's hard to read as it's in English with a translator.

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    Audio CDs do not contain videos - they do not have the data capacity.

    It would be a DVD, or just possibly a Video CD (VCD), which is an obscure and near obsolete format, near unique to parts of Asia. It can only store very low resolution video, 352 pixel wide images


    OK, got it.

    Go to Discogs.com and search her name, selecting "artist".

    Then select Videos on the left.

    There are three promotional DVDs and a dual VCD release, that contain videos of her music.

    The VCD appears to be the thing you are thinking of; it's a music video compilation released in 2002.


    "VMP ‎– 8677001VCD09"

    on google and it should take you straight to the Discogs info page for that item.

    See Disc 1, track 11.

    However, the two "white disc" DVDs appear to have the same video and one of those should be vastly better quality than VCD, plus more likely to be available outside of Asia.

    (I cannot post direct links without the answer being hidden, sorry).

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