Re-Asking about how a PVT or NCO becomes an officer?

Re-wording: My dad served in the Canadian Merchant Navy in WWII and later. He moved to the USA during the Korean war. He was not here legally. He was given a choice to return to Canada or register for the draft. He joined the US Army. He was with the 6th ID. After training it was found that he was a Ships Engineer. He was then transferred to the US Navy receiving a commission. I was told that at the time the Navy needed engineers. Oh, yea, when he joined the Army he did not inform the Army that he was an Engineer. He was asked why he did not disclose the information. When asked why he did not tell that he had his ticket as a Ships Engineer and he told them that he felt that he felt that people born in the USA should get the better jobs. Of course, the services did not care for that. So, would he have gone to Navy boot camp? Would he receive his commission out of boot camp or would he have gone to OCS? How would this have worked? For those who said this never happened, well, it DID!!

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He did become a citizen while in the service!

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    1 month ago

    I previously answered your question, see below. You keep adding key details as you go along. That's no way to get a real quality answer on the first go.

    @Mrsjvb, in those days, early 1950's,  there were very few restrictions on Canadians entering the US and many would stay in the US for years even though it was technically illegal. After the US said register for the draft or return to CDN, he enlisted in the US Army. As today, service in the US military puts a person on fast track to US Citizenship. He was underage during WW 2 and was discharged from the Canadian Merchant Marine and sent back to Canada, so in the post-war years, 1945 to 1950 or so, he somehow gained the Merchant Marine Engineer ticket. Probably in the Canadian MM.

    As I originally answered. It's plausible to me that IN THOSE DAYS the US Army would release a low level enlisted person to enlist in the USN with a critical skill.

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    they probably just commissioned him in the navy, no basic, no ocs

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    It depends a lot on the circumstances.  Canada has the "commission from ranks" (CFR) program, where NCO's, usually very senior ones like Chief Warrant Officers are commissioned as Captains, based upon their extensive work knowledge, and leadership skills.  There is also the University Training Plan (Men) (UTPM), where selected Junior Ranks are sent to university, and then commissioned as officers.  There are other programs as well.

    The American military has some similar programs - Green to Gold is one I have heard of.  Generally, officers have a university degree, and if an NCO earns one, they may be offered a commission.

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    1 month ago

    1) if he was in the US illegally then he would not have been drafted, he would have actually been required to go back to Canada and serve in the Canadian military. 

    2) he would not have been offered a commission as to be an officer you must be a US citizen, he would not have been granted that immediately when in. There is the option of direct commission in the military especially during times of war. It would mean automatic and no schooling requires. 

    3) the Army wouldn’t have released him to get a commission in the Navy even if he was a US citizen 

    4) the stories you were told were a load of crap unless you have the documents proving it all. 

    PS Steven F is also full of it, the draft for Korea was 18 1/2 to 35.  He also easily could have served in both, many actually did because it was only 5/6 years later. 

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  • 1 month ago

    You have ADDED to your FICTION, and made it LESS believable.

    It would have been IMPOSSIBLE for him to enlist in the US Army without his service in the Canadian Merchant Navy being known.

    In addition, the MAXIMUM age to register is 26. If your father was old enough to serve during WWII, he was over that age when the Korean War began.

  • Mrsjvb
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    1 month ago

    Bigger pile of BS.  Only US citizens can be officers.  Since he was illegal, he would not have remotely been offered a commission.  

    In fact I highly doubt he would have been allowed to register for the draft, let alone be drafted, into the US military

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