AC Network?

Find the load impedance 𝑍𝐿 for maximum power to the load and determine that maximum power.

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  • 1 month ago

    The impedance Zo seen from ZL's terminals:

    (10+j10)||(-j10) - j10 =  (10+j10)(-j10)/(10+j10 -j10)   - j10 =

    = (10+j10)(-j10)/10 - j10 = 10 - j20 = Zo

    By the Maximum Power Transfer Theorem,  ZL = Zo*

    ZL = 10 + j20

    Current leaving source = 50√2/(10+j10+10-j10) = 5√2/2 A

    The reactance of the load cancels that of the output impedance.

    i²*R = 25*2/4 *10 = 125W <-----

  • 1 month ago

    A voltage source has an impedance of zero ohms, so replace it with a short.  XL is in series with R: convert that to a parallel network.  Now add XC1 to that parallel network and convert to a series network.  Add the XC2 to that network.  You now have a simple series RC driving the load.  The load will be the complex conjugate of the source.

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