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Type 1 Diabetes ?

My dad is 38, turning 39 and he’s had diabetes since he was 9 years old. I’ve been paranoid about getting type 2 diabetes because the doctor said it was 103 after I fasted so I’ve been checking it every 2 or 8 hours. I check it and it’s always in the 80s and 90s and I just checked it after 2 hours and it was 74. Is it a sign or?

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    Type 1 diabetes is a chronic auto immune disease. It is not genetic. Unless there is a history of type?2 diabetes on either your father's or mother's side, you are not at risk of developing type 2 diabetes because of your genes than anyone else. You are over thinking this. Vaccines do NOT give people diabetes of any type. 

    Ask your father if he had any kind of acute infection, including strep throat, flu, chicken pox, red measles, rubella or pneumonia where he ran a high fever periodically, 102° F or higher when he was 7 or 8, or ask your grandmother. That is what triggered his type 1 diabetes. 

    Roseola, a type of strep throat, is what triggered my type 1 diabetes. There was no known history of type 2 diabetes in my father's family. One great grandmother was Cherokee one my mother's side. One first cousin on her father's side developed type 2 diabetes in her 50s.  My first college roommate had flu and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. No history of type 2 diabetes on either side of her family.

    Type 1 diabetes IS NOT GENETIC. and it is NOT caused by vaccines. I survived both chicken pox and red measles because I am old enough there were no vaccines yet or were just being released on the east and west coasts when I was exposed. The red measles vaccine was not available in New Orleans yet in January 1964.  

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    That is not a sign of diabetes.  That is a sign that your body is working just fine.

    A reading of 74 is a little low - but home meters have up to a 10% error rate - basically meaning that your REAL number could be up to 10% different than what the meter shows.  Home meters are just a guidance and are NOT perfect.  Low blood sugar is NOT a symptom of diabetes.  Low blood sugar only happens because of the medication a diabetic takes.  But you should know that with a parent that actually has diabetes.  Diabetes that is not being treated will be high sugar - not low sugar.

    You should also know that a fasting reading should be between 75 to 99 to be "normal".  

    A reading taken TWO HOURS after a meal should be below 140.

    Any random reading that doesn't fit those two time frames should be between 80 to 120 to be considered normal.

    A single reading of 103 doesn't really mean much.  That could have happened for any number of reasons.  Even a person without diabetes might have occasional days in which their sugar levels are slightly elevated just due to an injury, an illness, or a medication they have taken.

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    Your father can check if the diabetes started after getting vaccinated. You can prevent diabetes by avoiding vaccines (no wonder), avoiding milk and dairy products and take chrome as trace element. Vitamin D is very important, too.

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    Good that you are checking.

    Bad that you are checking so much.

    Check upon waking.

    Check 2 hours after eating a meal.

    74 is pretty low. you should have some fruit.

    103 is not terrible, especially as a one-off. If you are really nervous, ask your doctor to check your HB1AC level - that is a three month average of your blood sugar.

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