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Why am I twitching?

For the past few months I've been twitching constantly.The 

twitch involves my neck bending so my left ear touches my shoulder, and then spasms in place for a second. It always happens when I'm excited or incredibly stressed out. I can't control it, but I always know when I'm about to do it. I don't have tourettes, and while I have had issues with constantly making hand signs, or repeating phrases while anxious in the past, this is the first time it has been physical to the point of being dangerous for my neck's health. I've never been diagnosed with a tic condition, and if it is a tic disorder, I can deal with that. What I'm really worried about is that it is related to my Borderline Personality Disorder or something else that is really dangerous and could lead to worsening effects psychologically. I understand this probably isn't the best platform to ask this question but I don't have access to a psychiatrist or doctor at the moment, and was wondering if anybody knew why I do this, if it's harmful, and/or how I should handle it. Thank you!


I mean it could be do to dehydration and lack of physical exercise, but the context with which I do it I'm pretty sure makes it psychological. I twitch whenever I'm really upset or excited, and it's not the first time I've had a tic like behavior.

Update 2:

Due, not do.

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    If you twitch your probably dehydrated and you are unhealthy. Maybe do some sport and drink more water and you will be fine.

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