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why do some people worry about being rude, even though they themselves have been treated like *?*?

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I don't think rude people worry about it, and I doubt they were treated badly, it is obvious that an abuser eventually will get treated badly by the abused, but I doubt is in any way comparable to the pain the abused had been put through. I guess the abused worries but eventually will learn that is the only way to treat an abuser, either that or avoid. 

    In the end it is up to the law to pursue, not to the abused. And it is up to yahoo to report and ban the i.p.s, not to the users. I do not agree with yahoo allowing cybercrime on here. Either way sometimes things don't work and what you can do is put yourself at safety. Abuser gets away with it today, but tomorrow things may change. 

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