Isn't it fair to share the housework if the man and the woman both have full time jobs? ?

Studies show that women still do most of the housework despite the fact that both men and women work outside the home these days. 


Men complain about housewives taking half during divorce, yet they don't want to support the working woman lifestyle. 

Update 2:

Bill - Well if you think being a housewife is just as valuable as(or even more valuable than) being a working woman, don't complain if she takes half of the household belongings, if there is a divorce. 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Yeah. Definitely. 

    I honestly think this issue is responsible for a lot of marital declines. Men will get annoyed their wife is exhausted and doesn’t want sex, when really it’s because they both work the same job but she has to do the majority of child and house care.

    Jerry’s comment is also stupid. All of the oil change and tasks like that arent really a regular occurrence. 

  • 2 months ago

    "Isn't it fair to share the housework if the man and the woman both have full time jobs? ?"

    I don't know.  We do know that women have an aversion to coming into the garage and helping their man polish the Camaro, or to prep the car door for bondo work by sanding.  They also don't seem to want to ever change the oil on the cars, maintain the house furnace, get on the roof and clean the gutters, climb the trees to trim them, mend the fencing and repair the siding ... never mind dig the trench to replace the blasted drain pipe that has collapsed on itself.  Even though she only works 36 minutes for every man's hour.

    You're right. It isn't fair that women don't share in this "housework". The same study you provided says so.

    Reply to Nat; these chores never end.  In fact, they pile up to the point where some become bigger projects to be done during vacation.  Just because they aren't constantly regular like the dishes are, doesn't make them any less of a chore.  It's amazing the length that some will go to in an attempt to poo-poo the other side of the argument.  In the end, you only weaken your own argument with silly assertions that are completely subjective.


  • 2 months ago

    Most women do housework because they want to do housework.

    Housework isn't mandatory, you know.

  • 2 months ago

    It's fair because I'm not sharing my home with any human in the long term. The longest the man stayed was a night. The longest the woman stayed was 3 nights, and that is only because I was helping her get her shiit together. 

    What era are you living in cavewoman? Even animal mammas don't share shelters except with their newborns 

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  • 2 months ago

    It's fair, but life is not fair. 

  • Bill
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Is it fair to force feminism on men and work to destroy the society that men consented to? How about you just do your role and shut up.

    Edit: Lets review exactly what you're talking about with that edit. First you co-opt the man's role and then you demand he do half of your role. Does that sound like something that would be in his interest? 

    And btw, that was exactly what second wave feminists did. First they got women to have careers and then they started to try to force men to do more housework. At no point did they consider what men thought on any of it nor did they bother to give men any sort of motivation to agree. 

    Edit2: Only a stupid man gets married under feminist marriage laws. 

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