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Why don’t I get free movies with Prime? What’s the purpose of Prime?

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    Prime's main value is free shipping.  They do have some decent original content (The Boys, Man in the High Castle, Good Omens), but IMHO, not enough.  You get free content that isn't original, but not very much of it.  Most of it they can only sell you.

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    1 month ago

    You do.  You also get some free TV shows, books, and shipping.

    They have a list of free movies at

  • Snid
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    1 month ago

    Contact Prime.  It might be a glitch.

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    You do get free movies with Prime. And free shipping. The idea of Prime is to have guaranteed money coming in through membership payments. If you order a lot from Amazon, the savings on shipping fees more than makes up for the fee. It's been so successful that now other place like Walmart are doing the same thing. But Walmart doesn't provide you with a lot of free movies. 

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    The purpose of most businesses is to make a profit.  Some don't care how.  Convincing you that you need their service or product is all the matters.

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