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is Argyle just basically nothing more than simply a surname?

or does it have some other meaning?

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    Most names have some meaning buried deeply in the past.  Argyle is a region in Scotland.  Its historic meaning, apparently, would be "land of the Gaels".

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    noun: argyle; plural noun: argyles

    a pattern composed of diamonds of various colors on a plain background, used in knitted garments such as sweaters and socks.

    "the traditional argyle design associated with golf"

    a sock with an argyle pattern.


    1940s: from Argyll, a family name and a former county of Scotland. The pattern is based on the tartan of the Argyll branch of the Campbell clan.

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    It is originally a place-name from western Scotland.

    It has a number of other uses, but all of them - including the surname - are derived from the name of the place.

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