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what is a period at grocery stores? What are considered normal periods at grocery stores? Slow periods?

I'm talking about months.. not days of the week or times of the day.. 

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    My answer is for stores located in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. Busy seasons will vary according to location, at least to some extent. For example, consider a country like Costa Rica, where it's basically summery weather all year long. Grocery stores there probably don't have a 'slow winter season' like in the PNW, simply because there isn't really a winter there.

    January - February: slow

    March - May: store gradually gets busier, 'normal'

    June - August: busiest period other than end-of-year holidays

    September - mid November: gradually less business, but 'normal'

    mid-November to New Year's: very busy

    Source(s): worked in grocery stores for about 15 years
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    I could not tell you. Normal seasonality would be thrown out the window in a pandemic though.

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