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Ef San Diego or Miami?

Hey there,

I have a question. For my premaster i need to have a Cambridge C1 or C2 certificate.

My plan is to go to an EF school, to do the cambridge course. Only I dont know which city is the best.. Does anybody have experience with the schools or both cities? Which one do you recommend? I plan to go in September until November 2022. 

Thanks in advance!

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    1 month ago

    I never heard of an EF school. Did about a ten minutes search on line and not seeing very good reviews. And not sure why you would pay that kind of money to study English. In the USA. For a British exam. 

    Seeing that their is a high turn over rate for their employees/professors. 

    You will find many people speak Spanish in both cities. Both are very hot and near the ocean.  Miami is going to muggy and humid. Personally I would pick San Diego

  • 1 month ago

    Cambridge exams are British English, not American English. Suggest you NOT go to English language schools in US to prepare for Cambridge exams.

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